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Language Courses

For Adults


Golden Horseshoe Education offers online language courses or on-site learning. It could be one to one, one to a small group or one to a class. It is customized from one session per week to personal intensive schedule. 

 General Language Training


Every day used language training in the target language that related to varies of purposes, such as travel, living in a foreign country,  interests in the culture, etc.. 

Business Language Training

This course is designed for professionals who want to learn a language to use with their business partners, co-workers, and customers. The course focuses on communication and reading on the subject area as well as cultural approaching.

Session Length and Length of each level

​Session Length Choice             Length of Each Level

45 minutes                           48 sessions

60 minutes                           36 sessions

90 minutes                           24 sessions

120 minutes                         18 sessions


There are six levels in total.

For Students

K - G12 English / French 

This course allows students to practice speaking, listening, reading and writing skills with our professional English / French teachers. The course follows North America K - G12 curriculums and can be adjusted to a student's own pace.  
International Languages


Mandarin, Spanish, Japanese and Korean is offered by our native language teachers. There are six levels to meet student needs: beginner, upper beginner, lower intermediate, upper-intermediate, lower advanced and upper advanced. 


Session Length and Length of each level

​Session Length Choice             Length of Each Level

30 minutes                           50 sessions

45 minutes                           48 sessions

60 minutes                           36 sessions

90 minutes                           24 sessions


What text types are going to be translated?

A vast variety! We will translate system emails, marketing material, technical documentation, pedagogical material, blog posts, video subtitles and much more.

Languages are available for translation including all the above languages.

Golden Horseshoe Education offers online language course over Zoom or on-site.
How it works
I am not familiar with online learning. How do I start?


   Follow the 3 steps to get started. 


      Step 1:  To book a 30 minutes free trial lesson. The teacher will be assessing your language level during the trial


      Step 2: Install Zoom on your computer, and then start the trial lesson.



      Step 3: Get ready for lesson with your native targeted language teacher.

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