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Education Consultant

We are the education experts around students in North America


International education is much more than "education in a foreign country". It is about of studying in a foreign language, in an unfamiliar education system with unfamiliar expectations and directions, as well as living in a foreign culture. Ultimately, it is about the uniquely rewarding opportunities and challenges only experienced with international education.


Golden Horseshoe Education partners with students and institutions to develop customized strategies and solutions with long-term benefits. We focus not only on the grades, but more importantly personal growth through skill- and experience-development. Together, we fulfill the true value of international education.

Personalized Education Consultation
  • Providing strategy,​ education planning, and implementation support 
  • Helping students involving in the society by activities and volunteering
  • Weekly therapy meetings with counselors 
  • Supporting with academic and personal success 
  • Making cultural transitions
  • Applying ideal universities or colleges successfully 
Learning Centre
  • K-12 English as second language tutoring
  •  K-12 Mathematics tutoring
  • 9-12 Science tutoring
  • K-12 French tutoring
  • Homework helper program
  • Summer Camp


Other Services
  • Student transfer
  • Guardianship
  • Emergence contract
  • Internship placement
  • Home stay and housing
  • Educational tour




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