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What We Do

                               Art School                                                  Language School                                             Summer Camp               

We welcome all art-loving children to join our art school. Topics and styles are delivered sequentially: basic techniques of children's drawings, watercolour paintings, and crafts.

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General learning or academic English, French, Mandarin, Spanish, Korean, Japanese, Arabic and their culture for adults and kids online or on site.

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The Super Scholar’s Summer Camp balances fun activities and academic goals. Languages, mathematics, sports and arts are all included.

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                       Learning Centre                                International Student Services                                 Translation           

Learning Center includes:
  • K-12 English as second language tutoring
  • K-12 Mathematics tutoring
  • K-12 French tutoring
  • Homework helper program

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Studying in North America is an opportunity to achieve your goals. Our professionals help you to achieve your goals successfully.

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Translations of system emails, marketing material, technical documentation, pedagogical material, blog posts, video subtitles and much more.

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